About Us

    At Firstline, we have elevated understanding, nurturing, and championing multicultural hair to dizzying heights for 30+ years. A black-owned business founded in the 1980s, Firstline applies our hard-earned know-how and nonstop creativity to meet the haircare needs of multicultural groups with specialized needs and undeniable style.

    We at Firstline know our customers because we are our customers, and we put them first every single day. We forgo run-of-the-mill styles in pursuit of creative, innovative hair accessories that are high on quality, huge on appeal, and geared toward fun. Our product lines—Evolve, WavEnforcer, Dri Sweat, Sleek, and Camryn’s BFF—are designed to meet our customers’ needs with high-quality hairbrushes, combs, satin sleep maintenance items, and styling accessories. For example:

    • Evolve and WavEnforcer brushes include natural wood handles and 100% boar bristles to effectively penetrate the scalp and distribute natural oils throughout the hair. Our combs contain metallic tips that control hair frizz.
    • Evolve Essentials Go Satin sleep maintenance items help maintain stunning, healthy hair when used on a regular basis.
    • Dri Sweat is an active wear line designed for men and women. The Dri Sweat cap transfers perspiration from the head to keep style in place and the head cool.
    • Evolve Silky Collection features headscarves and headbands that help our customers achieve effortlessly chic hairstyles day after day. These accessories add a whimsical flair to smarten up an everyday look.
    • Evolve Naturally inspires easy transitioning from relaxed to natural styles. These items are great for maintaining natural styles, too.

    Our customers? They are style-conscious beauties and beaux with a discerning eye for the next big thing. That’s why our catalogue of hair items includes high-end, fashionable looks designed with creative flair. Firstline’s product portfolio features more than 400 fashion items that are available at national beauty, mass, food, and drug chains near you.

    Our customers are versatile trendsetters, rocking everything from “au naturel,” carefree hairstyles to relaxed, trendy short cuts to long styles that need vigilant care. So our hair accessories are versatile, too, created for every hair type and every conceivable style. From natural and flirty to relaxed and controlled, we offer items that meet the needs of women with every hairstyle and hair type.

    Our customers are also price-conscious shoppers who know what they want, why they want it, and what they’ll pay for it. It’s no surprise that our items are kind to our consumers’ pocketbooks while never sacrificing style and quality. With products ranging from $1.99 – $9.99, our focus is on protecting healthy hair, improving everyday styling options, and making our customers’ overall haircare experience affordable, easy, and fun.

    Want to know more about Firstline? We suggest checking out the rest of our website. And look for us at local events as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Let us be a companion on your haircare journey!