Camryn's BFF®

    Camryn's BFF®

    Camryn’s BFF, our line of hair accessories for the young tween fashionista, creates a fun fashion experience for our youngest customers who like colorful, cool looks that are “hot” and hip. Designed for young people interested in the latest fashion styles and fads, Camryn’s BFF will help our young customers (and their parents!) get these trendy looks on a limited budget. More importantly, as tweens develop their fashion sense and their healthy hair regimens, Camryn’s BFF will be there from the start to lead their haircare journey.


    Our youngest customers learn to take care of their tresses early with Camryn’s BFF quality textiles. Items like our pillowcase and satin hair bonnet help maintain the hair’s natural moisture while these young beauties sleep.


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    Hair Accessories

    Camryn’s BFF hair accessories are designed for tween girls who enjoy adding a splash of color and fun to their everyday looks. Our items include maintenance items, clips, headbands, and elastics to spice up the young diva’s look.


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