Evolve accessories are designed to meet the styling and fashion needs of trendy, fashion-conscious women. With Evolve, Firstline offers our sexiest, most “evolved” customers versatile styling options that make it easier for women to feel great about their hair and themselves. Whatever their personal preference, our products make it possible for the multicultural woman to achieve healthy, stunning hair that beautifully complements her individual style. Silky headscarves and headbands. 100% boar bristles brushes and metallic-tipped combs. Satin pillowcases and sleep bonnets. To the Evolve woman, we say: Take your pick, pretty one. Pick what fits, glamorous girl. And, most importantly, keep evolving.


    Made with pure boar bristles and 100% premium-quality wood, Evolve brushes are custom designed to satisfy the wide-ranging functional requirements of our trendiest, most fashion-conscious customer.

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    Evolve combs are professional-quality styling tools designed in gorgeous, fun colors to appeal to women customers. Our combs feature metallic tips to control frizz and meet daily haircare needs.

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    Evolve textiles are high-quality essentials developed for sleep, maintenance, and fashion to promote healthy hair habits, hair growth, and optimum styling. Designed with premium materials, our textiles are excellent for a wide range of haircare needs. Beautifully stylish and luxurious, too.

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    Hair Accessories

    Evolve’s hair accessories offer our lady customers versatile styling options that make creating and maintaining lovely hairstyles effortless, affordable, and fun.

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