Welcome to our first blog, good people!
Okay, let’s start real and keep it 100: Firstline Inc. is a multicultural haircare company, so we obsess about hair 24/7. Duh! I mean, would you really expect (or accept) anything less? But, full disclosure, I’d be thinking about my hair and jabbering about other folks’ gorgeous locks even if I didn’t work at this wonderful, fantastic, hair-obsessed place. (Notice that heartfelt compliment I slipped in there, boss? Just checking. Ha!)
For real, y’all, what should we chat about in Firstline’s brand-new haircare blog? I’ve got my own “top 10” list for 2015. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. (wink wink)
If you’ve got a minute, share a few of your haircare interests and/or concerns in our “Comments” section. I’ll check in soon with my own thoughtful, magnificent, most awesome list. Until then…
Here’s wishing you love, life, and great hair!