Happy New Year, sweet ones. We hope this newsletter finds you in excellent holiday spirits and optimistic about 2017. All in all, the last couple of months have been stressful (to put it mildly), and more than a few of us could use a much-needed dash of “hope” and a smidge of “change” in the new year. If last time’s newsletter didn’t scare you off, maybe a beautiful new hair color is just the thing to usher in a year filled to the brim with goodness and light. But before you take the color leap, we’ve got a few things to share with you.

“Natural” Hair Color

We chatted briefly about “natural” hair color last newsletter, but let’s get into the thick of it now since a lot of us are ready to embrace rich(er), more vibrant color.

-Henna. First off, let’s learn about henna, something North African, Indian, and Middle Eastern women know all about. The “henna” plant’s leaves are ground into a fine, red powder used to stain hair, skin, and nails naturally. It’s super gentle, too, because dye is deposited on the hair’s surface rather than inside its cortex. The result? Hair hues akin to semi-permanent color and perfect for fragile multicultural hair. Caveat: Be forewarned, henna can get messy; consider avoiding DIY henna projects and call your stylist instead.

-Organic. The Satin Turban is made from high-quality satin for a stylish, beautiful alternative to everyday hairstyling. Functional and gorgeous, our new turban helps protect and maintain healthy, textured hair while also offering a classy alternative to complement your other fab fashion choices. Available for $8 at Walmart starting Sept 24.

Permanent Hair color

Let’s face it, more dramatic, long-lasting color requires risk, TLC, and vigilance. No doubt. That’s because bold color changes require 1) a high pH level to “lift” the cuticle, 2) bleach to rid hair of melanin (color!), and 3) pigment to add new color. That. Is. A. Lot.

A chemical agent (e.g., ammonia) to create a high pH alkaline environment and bleach (e.g., peroxide) are key to lifting the cuticle and stripping color from inside the hair’s cortex. That means that if your heart’s 2017 desire is to lighten your hair, you’ve got to embrace bleach and all its potentially damaging effects.

High pH, bleach, and color pigment. Viola! That’s the cruel three-step recipe for permanent hair color. To go blonde, red, pink or purple, first lift the hair’s cuticle with a high pH agent; then bleach (see above); then add the desired pigment (color) into the hair shaft. Gentle process? Not. Beautiful color? Yes, yes, yes.

Wrapping Up...

If your hair is healthy and you’re committed to a li’l extra TLC this year, take a seat in your fave stylist’s swivel chair. Go on…quench your adventurous spirit with gorgeous color. We at Firstline encourage every fresh, beautiful start in 2017 and shout a hearty “Cheers!” to you and yours.

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