Looking for another stylishly “hott” hair option this summer? Well…Firstline’s Evolve® Silky Collection features the elegant Silky Wrap Scarf to support hair maintenance for multicultural women who wear their hair beautifully natural or healthfully relaxed! Hot temps and water “fun in the sun” activities are brutal on hair, and the Silky Wrap Scarf is a must for women interested in adding versatility and flair to their hairstyle while protecting natural or relaxed tresses.

Check out the following video for the Evolve Silky Wrap Scarf’s unlimited styling options. Made with sophisticated prints for daytime wear, the Silky Wrap Scarf can be worn multiple ways: tied in a fashionable top knot or low bun wrap, worn as a headband, or put on for beautiful full coverage. So simple to do and absolutely gorgeous. Oh. So. Nice! Click the link to watch this amazing blogger's video "How to Tie Silky Wrap Scarves": https://youtu.be/58KzwdZgks8

Easy and affordable, the Silky Wrap Scarf is designed in stunning prints for fashion-forward women and, in particular, African-American women who like creating a signature look. Made with a high-quality silky material that keeps hair in place while not drawing moisture out of the hair or snagging hair, our Silky Wrap Scarf offers a chic way to wear your hair for an everyday, unique flair or in between styles.

The Silky Wrap Scarf is the perfect hairstyling alternative to combat summer’s frequent heat flashes head on. Keeping hair beautiful and protected can be challenging, especially for multicultural women, and the Silky Wrap Scarf is designed with increased size/length to rise to the challenge. Available at Meijer, Walmart, Target, HEB, Walgreens, and Sally Beauty, the Silky Wrap Scarf is stylishly trendy and protective, too. Pick up one (or two!), and enjoy your summer—beautifully.

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