Myth #1: Cutting Hair Makes It Grow Faster (or Thicker!) 

False. A common misconception is that cutting your hair will make it grow back faster and thicker. However, how frequently you cut or trim your hair does not determine the speed of its growth. Although it varies from person to person, hair typically grows at a rate of 1/4- 1/2 per month no matter how often you cut or trim your tresses. Bottom line: Shorter hair may look and feel thicker (because hair is thicker at its base than at the tip), but cutting it does not alter the hair’s normal growth rate or overall texture.  


Myth #2: Split Ends Can Be Repaired Without Trimming 

False.Although a good conditioner can temporarily coat hair with products like silicone that help bind split ends together, nothing repairs damaged, split ends but a good pair of scissors! If left untended, split ends will eventually travel up the hair shaft toward the roots and leave more damage in their wake. That’s something none of us want, so trim your hair in a timely manner when pesky split ends make an unscheduled appearance.


Myth #3: Brush 100 Strokes Each Day to Grow Your Hair 

False. Surprisingly, this time-consuming nightly ritual is NOT a good idea. While so much brushing is meant to stimulate the scalp by increasing blood circulation, it can actually damage the hair cuticle and cause split ends.


Myth #4: Wearing Tight Braids, Ponytails or Buns Causes Baldness 

True. Unfortunately, this one has the ring of truth! Wearing hairstyles like tight ponytails, cornrows, buns, or the like put stress on the hair and can lead to traction alopecia. This hair loss condition is common among African-American women, so beware of pulling your hair too tightly over long periods of time.


Myth #5: Hair Gets Used to One Shampoo, So Change It Regularly

False. If your shampoo is a good one and formulated for your hair type, the long-term results you get should continue to be great!


Myth #6: Rinsing Hair With Cold Water Makes It Shinier

True. Yes, suffer the chill for more beautiful hair. Cold water helps close the hair’s cuticle layer. The result? Conditioner that works better, and hair that looks more lustrous and healthy.


Myth #7: Cutting a Baby’s Hair Will Alter Its Natural Texture or Growth

False. This one I should have shared with my own sister! Cutting a baby’s hair will not alter its texture or cause it to grow shorter, longer, faster, or thicker. But remember, hair is complex. So no matter what the parents do (or don’t do), the hair that a baby is born with may not be the hair they grow up with! 


Myth #8: Baldness Comes from Your Mother's Side of the Family 

False. Time to stop blaming mom. Hair loss is totally genetic and can come from either your mom’s or dad’s side of the family. It can also skip generations. Fingers crossed!


Myth #9: Dry Scalp Causes Dandruff 

False. A fungus called malassezia causes dandruff, and dry scalp has nothing to do with it. When malassezia grows too much, it increases dead cells on the scalp, combines with the scalp’s natural dirt and oil, and forms those annoying white “dandruff” flakes.


Myth #10: Supplements Can Effect Hair Growth

True. Because hair growth starts beneath the surface of the scalp, nutrients like Biotin/B-complex can have a positive impact on hair growth. Taking the right nutrients regularly will help your hair grow and aid your skin and nails, too.


                                                                         In Summary


Now you know the facts behind 10 of the most common hair myths. Our advice? When you’re faced with hair myth #11 in the not-so-distant future, do a bit of research or ask your local hair expert to help you separate fact from fiction. Your hair is worth the effort!