OK ladies, it’s officially Fall now, and some of us (me!) get a little antsy when the seasons change. As the trees’ foliage change so beautifully from vibrant green to gorg oranges, reds, and browns, we daydream about making personal changes, too. We start thinking about lifestyle changes, relationship changes, changes in our routines. We inevitably get to thinking about hairstyle changes, and those changes sometimes include changing our hair color. If the leaves can do it, why can’t we? But before you take the plunge with hair color, there’s some key stuff you should consider. Let’s get at it.

#1 Your Long-Term Goals

One of the first things you must think about is your desired long-term goal(s). Are you just trending right now and ready to try the latest HOTT thing? Are you down for sacrificing a bit of hair health for that new look? If the answer is yes to both, the sky’s the limit! Go as light (i.e., reach for the bleach!) as your heart desires or as trendy (we’re talking blue, purple, pink, orange) as you’ve ever dared dream. If growing your tresses long and lush is your numero uno aspiration, stay far, far away from your secret blonde bombshell or punk rock superstar ambitions. Because this is the thing: no matter the type of color you choose, your hair will dry out either a little or a lot. Don’t get caught colored up but in the unpleasantly dry, frizzy, and damaged land of “SURPRISE!!”

#2 Your Hair’s Health

Another top priority is assessing your hair’s current health. Is your hair already too dry from too many make-out sessions with curling irons? Or is over-processing from other chemical treats (e.g., relaxers) reeking day-in/day-out havoc on your hair? Are you just generally unkind to your hair, putting it through lots of stress and manipulation on the daily? If you answered yes, yes, and yes again, your choice of hair color type is mega important. Read on…

#3 Your “Care” Regimen

Time to get honest – real and true. When it comes to your hair health, are you high maintenance or low priority? What I’m asking is how much time you spend babying your hair on the regular? If you’re all about moisture treatments, regular trims, and a less-is-more approach to heated styling tools, adding color to your routine may work perfectly with your good hair habits. But if your habits are sub-par (at best!) and your hair regimen is “minimalistic” (to put it kindly), then adding color to the mix is potentially a B-A-D idea. Consider backing away from the hair color bottle.

#4 Selecting the Type of Hair Color Best for You

OK…so you’ve assessed your hair’s condition and your personal hair maintenance style, and you’ve decided to move boldly forward with hair color. Most excellent! But wait, there are more things to think about. Are you going to use bleach to lighten your hair? (Bleach can be really harsh on the hair, so make this decision carefully.) Are you going to go the “permanent” hair color route? (Um, permanent color also involves bleaching. Yikes.) Maybe you’ve decided “semi-permanent” color is right for you? (This route avoids bleach (yay!) but can’t lighten very dark hair. Hmmmm.) Well, maybe “demi-permanent” is the way to go? (Some say demi-permanent doesn’t involve as many chemicals as even semi-permanent color, while a lot of companies don’t even differentiate between semi and demi color. Confusing much?) There’s tons to think about when deciding what type of color to choose. Sounds like we have lots to talk about in a future newsletter. Agree?

#5 Considering “Natural” Hair Color

All the natural beauties out there are interested in color, too, but want to avoid chemicals at all costs. Hell-ooooo. Well, there’s “henna” of course, which is a plant used to stain hair. There’s also “certified organic, natural” color treatments, which typically don’t include ammonia or sulfates. This little topic gets confusing fast because some semi or even permanent hair colors are considered “natural.” We’ll need to talk more about natural color in that future newsletter. Definitely.

Wrapping Up…

Like we’ve said, you’ve got to consider your lifestyle and hair health before taking the color plunge. The type of hair color you select is also key. It’s a bold step, ladies, so slip on your favorite peep-toe heels and begin the voyage into color carefully. With the right prep work, the result can be lovely and well worth it. Look out for next month’s newsletter and let us help.

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