Ladies, are y’all ready for some more affordably priced, high-quality hair accessory items? Yaaaassss. Never doubt that we exist to improve the image and appearance of multiethnic folks. (Modest much?) And we are over-the-top excited to add new Evolve® hair accessory items to our family of more than 400 items. (You heard right. 400!) With a focus on winning with value and product innovation, let us introduce you to Evolve’s Pineapple Sleep Cap, Satin Turban, Rain Bonnet, Natural Hair Drying Tee, and Flow-Thru Detangler. And let us proudly “reintroduce” the Evolve® Knot Free Detangler. We are proud of ‘em all so listen up!

#1 Evolve® Pineapple Sleep Cap

Designed to simplify the natural girls’ nighttime regimen into one quick step, Firstline’s Pineapple Sleep Cap protects edges and tresses in the “pineapple” style so curls can lay undisrupted during sleep, then fall naturally in the morning. Plus it’s sooooo cute and sooooo stylish that fashion-conscious ladies may choose to wear it as a versatile, fashion-forward accessory for everyday styling. Available for $6 at Sally Beauty Supply starting Aug 31.

#2 Evolve® Satin Turban

The Satin Turban is made from high-quality satin for a stylish, beautiful alternative to everyday hairstyling. Functional and gorgeous, our new turban helps protect and maintain healthy, textured hair while also offering a classy alternative to complement your other fab fashion choices. Available for $8 at Walmart starting Sept 24.

#3 Evolve® Rain Bonnet

The Rain Bonnet comes in a convenient on-the-go pouch and offers fashionable hair protection from inclement weather conditions to help prevent unwanted frizz. Maintaining beautiful hair can be challenging, especially for multiethnic women, so our Rain Bonnet is meticulously designed for our fashion-forward consumers interested in preserving their natural and relaxed styles. (And that little pouch is everything. Just toss it in your bag and forget about it until you need it.) Available for $9 at Walmart starting Sept 24.

#4 Evolve® Natural Hair Drying Tee

Firstline’s Evolve portfolio now includes the Natural Hair Drying Tee. Designed in grey with an easy twist and button, the Natural Hair Drying Tee absorbs excess water faster without damaging frizz-prone hair and promotes optimal hair health. We are crazy excited about bringing this item to all y’all but especially to the natural hair girls out there. It’s trendy and perfect for helping natural beauties maintain healthy, beautiful hair on their own. Available for $6 at Walmart starting Sept 24.

#5 Evolve® Flow-Thru Detangler

It’s all about the name, right? This one we def got just right. Designed to detangle wet or dry hair, the Flow-Thru Detangler is a must-have for textured hair prone to knots that can be super challenging to untangle without unnecessarily damaging hair. Its unique bristle design helps the hair “flow” through its bristle rows as the hair separates, putting a lot less tension on fragile hair. Finally! And it comes in a very pretty Hot Pink too! Whuuuuuut. Find it at Target for $3 beginning Oct 2.

#6 Evolve® Knot Free Detangler

Okay it’s not new (more like a relaunch in waaaaay more stores), but it deserves mad kudos. The Knot Free Detangler is perfect for detangling wet hair, which of course is when hair is its most fragile-ish. Know what I’m saying? Featuring bristles designed especially for textured hair, this brush is a key styling tool for multiethnic ladies with thick, curly hair that needs extra TLC. The handle is extra nice, too, made from high-quality bamboo. Available for $6 in Walmart and Walgreens RIGHT NOW, ladies, and it’s gonna be in Target starting Oct 2 and in Kroger beginning Oct 30. Oh. But. Yes.

Summing Up… All our product lines – Evolve®, WavEnforcer®, Dri Sweat®, Sleek®, and Camryn’s BFF® – are mad dope and designed to meet y’alls needs with high-quality hairbrushes, combs, satin sleep maintenance items, and fashion-forward styling accessories. And we can sho’nuf brag even more now that these six fantastic items are part of Firstline’s family of products. Don’t hate. Just go get ‘em…and enjoy. You’re welcome.