HOUSTON, TEXAS, AUGUST 4, 2017—Firstline Inc. (www.firstlinebrands.com) is a hair care manufacturer of affordably priced, high-quality hair care accessory items designed to improve the image and appearance of multiethnic consumers. Firstline’s success over the last 30+ years is largely attributable to its vision, experience, and expertise in serving the needs of its consumers.

With a focus on winning with value and product innovation, Firstline is pleased that its popular Evolve® Knot Free Detangler (#572) won the curlBOX Award for Best Hair Tool in 2017. As its name suggests, the Knot Free Detangler is a tried-and-true styling tool perfect for detangling wet hair. Featuring bristles designed especially for textured hair and a high-quality bamboo handle, this brush has quickly become a key styling tool for curly, coily, and wavy hair that requires extra care.

“Firstline takes pride in educating our consumers about which tools will best serve their specific hair care needs, and we are especially proud that curlBOX has recognized our efforts this year with the Best Hair Tool Award,” said Robert Bowser, Firstline’s Founder and President. “By making sure our customers know the proven benefits our Knot Free Detangler provides to textured hair, we’ve been able to create real brand loyalty, and we’re happy to offer this amazing, ‘winning’ styling tool in stores nationwide.” Currently available in Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and HEB for under $7 and an industry favorite amongst women consumers with textured hair, the Evolve® Knot Free Detangler is designed to gently detangle wet hair when it is most fragile.

“Firstline is so appreciative of the relationship we’ve developed with curlBOX and its fabulous members over the last few years, and we’re honored our Knot Free Detangler has been recognized as 2017 Best Hair Tool,” said Joni Odum, Firstline’s Chief Marketing Officer. “At Firstline, we know how important high-quality styling tools are for consumers with textured hair, especially with the growing popularity of the natural hair movement, and we continually take the pulse of women to ensure our accessories reflect their current needs, wants, and sense of style.”

A high-quality brush designed for curly, coily, and wavy hair, the Knot-Free Detangler is a value-added, necessary tool for the natural hair consumers’ hair care journey. The brush features long, thick, flexible bristles to easily detangle both wet and dry hair smoothly and safely. The brush is thoughtfully designed with a rubber cushion that’s removable for easy cleaning, and its slender bamboo handle is perfect for comfortable handling.

“The curlBOX subscribers were thrilled when they received the Knot Free Detangler brush,” said Myleik Teele, curlBOX Founder. “As we monitored reviews we saw nothing but raves. It’s no surprise that it won the BEST TOOL award!”

Firstline and curlBOX look forward to advancing, meeting, and exceeding the needs of consumers with textured hair for years to come.

About Firstline Inc. Firstline Inc. is one of the few hair accessories companies that markets premium brands that improve the overall hair care experience of the multiethnic consumer. Firstline product lines Evolve®, WavEnforcer®, Dri Sweat®, Sleek®, and Camryn’s BFF® include more than 400 items designed to meet the needs of its consumers with high-quality hairbrushes, combs, satin sleep maintenance items, and fashion-forward styling accessories. With a focus on quality, value, and innovative hair care accessories, Firstline has positioned its products throughout the U.S. for mass distribution to national beauty, mass, food, and drug chains. For more information, visit www.firstlinebrands.com.