Beautiful people, this month’s Spotlight is a wonderful “two-fer” and you’re very welcome! In celebration of “International Women’s Day,” we feature two essential, everyday brushes designed to keep your lovely manes in tip-top shape.

First up: our Evolve® Deep Dual Brush . The uniquely designed Evolve® Deep Dual Brush detangles, smooths, and promotes healthy hair growth. The dual sides of this brush feature premium-quality, 100% boar bristles on one side and plastic bristles on the other side. The plastic bristles detangle hair, while the firm boar bristles smooth the hair and distribute natural oils. The Evolve® Deep Dual Brush is currently available at Walmart for $4.97.

Next up: our Evolve® Deep Stimulating Brush . The Evolve® Deep Stimulating Brush features 100% boar bristles with a natural wooden handle. These deep, firm bristles penetrate the scalp and distribute natural oils for smooth and healthy hair. Pick up the Evolve® Deep Stimulating Brush for $4.59 at Walmart and HEB.

Women are beautiful and powerful, and what they do every day is essential to the betterment of families and communities worldwide. Likewise, the brushes women use to care for their hair every day matters. Yes, it’s all a big deal; it all matters. So keep on keeping on, lovely ones. To help your journey, Firstline will continue to provide the daily styling aids that keep hair its most gorgeous and healthy.