It’s time for another Spotlight, beauties, and this one is a real treat for all of Firstline’s friends who wear their tresses lush and straight. If you love a good blow-out, have relaxed hair, and/or enjoy extensions (straight or curly!), you know from experience how important the best combs and brushes are to maintain healthy, beautiful hair.

It's true, what we do every day determines how healthy (or unhealthy) our hair really is, Typical brush bristles can be rough, pulling out the hair and resulting in excessive shedding. "Spotlight" on Firstline's Evolve® Xtensions Brush entering so prettily from stage right.

The Evolve® Xtensions Brush , with its unique blend of quality bristles and pins, is designed especially for women whose fragile manes require extra care. Featuring bristles designed especially for straight and/or relaxed hair as well as extensions, the Xtensions Brush adds shine to hair without adding styling products.

Firstline’s Xtensions Brush is the perfect brush and a tried-and-true styling tool for women who prefer straight, gorgeous hair. With a focus on quality, value, and innovation, the Evolve® Xtensions Brush is currently available in Walmart, Target, HEB, and Kroger for $4.49. Pick one up. Use it regularly. You’ll love the results.