This month’s Spotlight offers a welcome and timely treat, especially when the only thing predicable this winter is its unpredictability! Some ladies’ tresses are under constant pressure from bone-chilling blizzards. Brrrrrrr. For other beauties, snow flurries are unlikely but rain showers are a constant threat to hair’s beauty quotient.

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Never fear, the Evolve® Rain Bonnet Scarf is here. Designed for use in rain, snow, or high winds to keep hair in place and protected from moisture, Firstline’s Rain Bonnet Scarf offers fashionable hair protection from inclement weather to help prevent unwanted frizz.

The Evolve® Rain Bonnet Scarf is ideal for all hair types and comes in a convenient, on-the-go plastic pouch for easy portability. (That little pouch is key! Just toss it in your bag and forget about it until you need it.) <>

We know from experience that maintaining beautiful hair can be challenging. That’s why we doubled the Evolve® Rain Bonnet Scarf’s diva factor for our fashion-forward consumers interested in increased protection and enhanced styling opportunities. Scoop it up at Walmart for $8.97. You’re very welcome.