It’s Spotlight time, and this one’s long overdue and a very necessary treat! This month we’re writing about one of our favorite topics: men! Because we adore, know, and create terrific products for men, we’re determined to write about, to, and for guys more in 2017. This month’s Spotlight on Firstline’s WavEnforcer Fade Brush is a step in that direction.

Our men are strong and self-reliant. That’s what we know for sure. But sometimes a little haircare love can go a long way—especially if that love comes to the fellas from the womenfolk who care most about them. Yes, women are the beautiful ones, but men care about their looks, too! (And us girls are oh-so-glad guys do what they do! We thank them. Thank ‘em twice!)

Firstline knows how important quality haircare products are for men to take care of their edge ups, crew cuts, fades, flat tops, braids, dreads, and more. That’s why we make specialized products like the WavEnforcer Fade Brush that offer guys increased styling opportunities. Our Fade Brush is designed with firm bristles made from 100% premium-quality boar. It’s the perfect brush to smooth all hair types and textures, stimulate the scalp, and distribute hair’s natural oils.

Women struggle with everyday hair dilemmas, but men struggle with a few, too. To the guys reading this, we encourage you to pick up the WavEnforcer Fade Brush. You’ll love it. (And we love you!) For the ladies out there, get our Fade Brush for the wonderful men and young boys in your lives. It’s available for $5 at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, HEB, Fred’s Super Dollar, the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES),, and That’s a small price to pay and a big thing to do.