HOUSTON, TEXAS, APRIL 1, 2014Firstline Inc. (www.firstlinebrands.com), a manufacturer of high-quality hair care accessories for multicultural consumers, is a participating vendor in Walmart’s 2014 History Teaching History Program. To further our mission to enhance the image and appearance of ethnic consumers and highlight fashion-forward items designed to meet the African-American community’s needs, Firstline supports Walmart as a beauty partner in this exciting black history program.

Walmart’s 2014 History Teaching History Program proudly celebrates African-American beauty. Beginning in February and continuing through March and April, Walmart’s program will be held across 12 markets in seven weeks. Walmart will offer an entertaining platform for multicultural companies like Firstline to share beauty tips with black shoppers as well as offer complimentary samples from the company’s Evolve®, Dri Sweat®, and WavEnforcer® product lines. Firstline will participate in pop-up beauty events at Walmart stores in Houston, TX on March 15; Dallas, TX on March 22; Baton Rouge, LA on March 29; Clinton, MS on April 5; and Pine Bluff, AR on April 12. Firstline will provide a beauty consultant and a fitness trainer to offer hair care and fitness advice to consumers, and local rhythm and blues (R&B) radio stations will provide live entertainment at select stores. For store details and additional information, follow on Twitter at #firstlinebeauty.

It is very important to us that our products speak directly to the African-American consumers’ needs, and we stay attuned to them by becoming more innovative and value conscious day after day,” said Joni Odum, Marketing Director of Firstline. “Our product lines, especially our Evolve® accessories for on-the-go African-American women, are designed to meet the needs of our consumers with the hottest, most affordable fashion essentials.”

Firstline’s product collections are designed to meet the needs of the price-conscious, style-driven shopper with high-quality brushes, combs, satin sleep caps, and fashionable styling accessories. During the Walmart pop-up events, Firstline will feature the Evolve® Go Satin Wrap, the Evolve® Silky Knot Headband, the Dri Sweat® Flex Women's Mesh Bandana, and the WavEnforcer® Double Sided Fade Brush from our portfolio of products.

Our Evolve Go Satin Wrap is offered in assorted colors, including black, purple, fucshia, and ivory. The Evolve Silky Knot Headband comes pre-knotted as a headband and is designed to provide a fashionable alternative to everyday hairstyling. Available in striking, fashion-forward prints like wildlife (i.e., animal prints), geometric, metallic, and polka dots, our headband offers tremendous versatility and can be tied in three different ways. The Dri Sweat Flex Women's Mesh Bandana includes a headband to absorb perspiration and mesh material to keep the head cool during light and intense exercise. Firstline’s Dri Sweat material transports perspiration away from hair upon contact, while the mesh feature helps keep the head cool during exercise. The WavEnforcer Double Sided Brush, which is designed to distribute natural oils throughout the hair to enforce waves, contains 100-percent pure natural bore bristles and an easy-handling grip. These products are available for retail between $3-8 at Walmart stores.

Firstline is very aware of how hair care products are growing in importance for African-American consumers, and we are designing more products that offer increased styling opportunities to ethnic consumers. “Keeping up appearances is not the most important thing in the world, but how we look has a dramatic impact on how we feel,” Odum said. “At Firstline, we recognize that it is vitally important that we offer fashionable hairstyling aids that positively reflect African-American customers – today and tomorrow.”

Firstline is doing what we can to make it easier for women to feel great about their hair and themselves. “Firstline’s accessories speak directly to our target customer in a way that shows we understand their wants, needs, problems, and concerns,” said Landria Jordan, Firstline’s Client Services Director. “By staying abreast of our customers’ needs and wants, we stay on top of the latest trends in the community and can create new items based on where the market needs are.”

About Firstline Inc.

Firstline Inc. is one of the few companies that markets premium brands that improve the overall hair care experience of the multicultural consumer. With a focus on quality, value, and innovative hair care accessories, Firstline has positioned its products throughout the U.S. for mass distribution to national beauty, mass, food, and drug chains. For more information, visit www.firstlinebrands.com

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