Our eco-friendly brushes are designed for fashion-conscious women who desire beautifully made, durable brushes. Made from natural wood and 100% pure boar bristles, our brushes penetrate the scalp and promote the distribution of natural hair oils for healthier hair and optimal hair growth.

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    Our combs are high-quality, professional styling tools that meet women’s everyday needs and help control frizz. These premium-quality, functional combs come in fun colors for added spice and sass.

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    Textiles for women include high-quality sleep, maintenance, and fashion items that promote healthy hair habits and hair growth. Available in assorted prints and fabulous colors, these textiles are functional, chic, and sexy – providing fashionable alternatives to everyday hairstyling and helping keep hair protected and gorgeous.

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    Hair Accessories


    Our hair accessories for women are pretty, fun, and functional. Designed to provide increased styling opportunities, women’s hair accessories are designed to offer limitless versatility and complement every woman’s wardrobe.

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