Enjoy your summer and your beauty

Enjoy your summer and your beauty

It’s legit “summer, summer, summertime,” and we’ve got one well-timed question for you: Are your protective hairstyles ready and in formation? The unrelenting sun in your fav tropical destination can’t be beat or denied. So as summer vacays take center stage on your calendar, here’s a friendly reminder to remember hair health during the summer sizzle.

There are so many protective styles to choose from! The only real question is which one is right for you? When selecting your perfect style, consider the summer activities that you enjoy. For instance, if you plan to spend time in the surf and sand, box braids are a great option since they dry quickly after washing, and you can slay your edges with a touch of gel for easy glam. Perfect, pretty, and easy-peasy!

Planning to dance the night away? For guaranteed gorgeousness, consider a crochet style that mimics your natural hair.

For a beautiful, quick style, corn rows provide effortless perfection. They are an especially lovely choice for on-the-go, athletic movers and shakers looking for no-fuss glamour.

One more tip for optimal haircare: Start your preferred protective style with slayed edges and good, clean parts. On one end, our Evolve Triple Edge Styler features a double-sided 100% boar bristle brush and high-quality fine-tooth comb ideal for gently polishing and grooming edges. On the other end, a rat tail tip is perfect for creating sharp, frizz-free parts.

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