Frequently Asked Questions

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Are our brushes 100% pure boar bristles?

Our Evolve and WavEnforcer brush lines are made from 100% pure natural boar bristles. This is best for naturally dry hair, as it works to stimulate the scalp and distribute natural oils throughout the hair.

How to wash/clean items?

We recommend that you wash all items in our Dri Sweat line in cold water before use and lay flat to dry. In our Essentials and Silky line, please wash with cool water as needed and lay flat. A cool iron can be used if desired.

What are our textile items made of?

Our sleep maintenance items are made of satin, our silky items are made of polysilk, and our WavEnforcer items are made of nylon tricot

What if there is an item that I love that I can no longer find in stores?

This item may no longer be in distribution with our major retailers but may be still available. Please call our customer service number to inquire.

Where are our products sold? In stores? Online?

Our products are sold throughout the United States in major retail, drug, grocery, and specialty chains. Many of our items are also available online on our retail partners' websites.

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