The natural haircare journey is not easy.

The natural haircare journey is not easy.

Transitioning to natural hair is not easy, girlfriends. Trust. And one of the shocking facts we all encounter on the natural haircare journey can be summed up in three terror-inducing words: SHRINKAGE IS REAL!!!

But never fear ‘cause there’s good news to help ease shrinkage shock!! It’s an undeniable part of “black girl magic” natural hair, and it goes a little something like this: Evolve® Scrunchies can help stretch your hair and give your style extra length. Yessssss!!

Our tips for using scrunchies:

  • Don’t wrap scrunchies too tightly at hair’s roots. You want those edges slayed, NOT flayed!
  • Moisture is your hair’s best friend, so make sure your hair is nice & moisturized before you band!
  • Double-check that hair is dry before removing your scrunchies, or it will shrink back up!

Ultimately, reducing shrinkage will make your hair more manageable, less prone to breakage, and healthier overall. So…cheers to you, Evolve scrunchies, and the beauty of longer tresses!

Evolve - Scrunchies

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