model wearing Evolve's pink satin wide-edge bonnet on front of product package
model wearing Evolve's pink satin wide-edge bonnet with product highlights called out
close up of the pink satin material and elastic band used to make Evolve's pink wide-edge bonnet
model wearing Evolve's pink satin wide-edge bonnet on the back of product package with product details highlighted


Evolve® Satin Wide-Edge Bonnet, 1660

Unveil the Secret to Flawless Mornings with the Evolve® Wide-Edge Satin Bonnet

Elevate your beauty sleep to a whole new level with the Evolve® Wide-Edge Satin Bonnet. Designed for the sophisticated woman who values both her rest and her hairstyle, this bonnet is a nighttime necessity. Offering an innovative edge band to keep your hairline smooth and a satin interior to cradle your locks, it's your go-to for waking up as polished as when you turned in.

Why the Evolve® Wide-Edge Satin Bonnet Stands Out:

  • Edge Band Perfection: The fitted "edge" band is meticulously designed to keep your edges sleek and secure, reducing friction and preventing those all-too-common morning flyaways.
  • Satin-Soft Interior: Embrace the gentle touch of satin against your hair, preserving moisture, reducing breakage, and keeping your tresses beautifully intact.
  • Chic Color Choices: Whether you're drawn to the elegance of Black, the softness of Champagne, or the vibrancy of Fuchsia, there's a shade to match your nighttime vibe.
  • Unrivaled Comfort & Style: Not only does this bonnet promise to protect your hair from the rigors of the night, but it also ensures you do so with unparalleled style and comfort.
  • Versatility for All Hair Types: Perfect for natural curls, sleek styles, braids, or waves, this bonnet is designed to cater to every woman's hair needs, ensuring you wake up with your hairstyle preserved and ready to start the day.

Transform Your Nights into a Haircare Haven

With the Evolve® Wide-Edge Satin Bonnet, your nighttime routine becomes an effortless pathway to maintaining the health and style of your hair. No more waking up to a frizzy, undefined mane. Instead, enjoy the ease of styling and the confidence that comes with knowing your hair has been lovingly protected all night long.

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