Wash Day Kit 6011
Wash Day Kit 6011


Wash Day Kit 6011

Unveil the Secret to Perfect Wash Days with the Evolve Wash Day Kit

Dread wash days no more! The Evolve Wash Day Kit is here to turn your hair washing routine into a luxurious, stress-free experience. Packed with essential tools designed to pamper your hair from scalp to tip, this kit ensures your wash days will become the highlight of your week.

Why You Need the Evolve Wash Day Kit in Your Life:

  • Effortless Detangling: The flow-thru detangler glides through wet or dry hair, minimizing breakage and cutting detangling time in half.
  • Scalp Heaven: The scalp massage brush stimulates your scalp, promoting hair growth and distributing natural oils, all while providing a relaxing massage.
  • Gentle Drying: Say goodbye to harsh towel drying with the ultra-soft hair drying tee scrunchies. These gentle scrunchies reduce frizz and breakage, speeding up drying time without the damage.
  • Precision Styling: Achieve salon-quality sectioning at home with the handy sectioning clips, making styling, drying, and treating your hair a breeze.

Elevate Your Hair Care Routine to Luxurious Heights

Each item in the Evolve Wash Day Kit is thoughtfully designed to enhance your hair washing and styling process. From detangling to drying, every step becomes a treat, ensuring your hair looks and feels its best.

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